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Welcome to Cyberlibrary: The Open Source Library Management System.
Operational Services

What is cyberlibrary

  • Open Source
    CyberLibrary is an Open Source library management system that can be run from anywhere on the internet or an intranet.

    The Open Source model reduces operational costs dramatically.


  • Access
    All library management functions are catered for and accessed simply through a web browser. No expensive 3rd party licences or Microsoft software are needed.
  • Installation
    Any PC on your network can run Cyberlibrary using a web browser. There are no special installation or maintenance issues. Cyberlibrary is equally happy with Linux or Windows platforms.
  • Application
    Cyberlibrary is designed with an institution library(,college, school etc) in mind, but commercial libraries are catered for too. Full mulit-media and free-text retrieval are standard.


  • Conversions
    Non of these legacy systems are required in this new environment:
    We offer a full conversion service from these systems, so your existing data is immediately available online in Cyberlibrary.
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